Caprolone (PA6)modified

Caprolone (PA6) - is a prefabricated material class of polyamides is used as building material and antifriction.

The unique properties (such as strength, low weight, low friction, non-toxic, resistant to carbon, oils, alcohols, weak acids and alkalis) determine the application in shipbuilding, agricultural machinery, energy, chemicals, oil , the cellulose industry and food industry.

In particular caprolone is used in shipbuilding for the production of sliding bearings, guides, bushings of friction blocks, pulleys, blocks and rollers support of lifting equipment, racks, shelves, wheel hubs and other construction details such requests in advance of increased thermal and crash resistance.

It 'was synthesized and studied samples caprolone, as amended by fullerenes. Under the research were 4 types of materials of fullerenes: the mixture of fullerenes C60 and C70, C60 fullerene individual (purity of 99.9% maximum), fullerene soot, fullerenes crushing.

Small additive material on fullerenes leads to:


Improvement of antistatic properties - the strength of samples decreases to 5-10 of chaining it facilitates discharge of static electricity

Increase contemporary dielectric permeability (ε) - up to 15-25 rel. and destructive power

Increased strength and flexibility in almost all experiments (1.5-2 times more)

Lower coefficients of friction and abrasion (more than 2-4 times)

Rising temperatures, melting and destruction

Decrease of thermal conductivity and moisture absorption (More than 1.5-2.5 times)

The combination of properties provides a level of security very high with caprolone changed from working with caprolone PA6 in terms of pollution gases flammable and explosive (eg, methane in coal strata)

The cost of the additives to the fullerene caprolone is low and comprises no more than 0.2 $ / pound of caprolone. Technology production standards caprolone is almost invariable




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