Polystyrene modified

It is known that with small additive of fullerenes leads to:

Improvement of antistatic properties - the strength of samples decreases to 8.10 of chaining it facilitates discharge of static electricity

Increased sound absorption coefficients of a wide frequency band

Increased ownership of the materials antibattericide

ncreased strength and flexibility in almost all experiments (on 30-40 rel. %)

Reduction of coefficients of friction and abrasion (more than 2 times)

Rising temperatures, melting and destruction

Decrease of thermal conductivity and moisture absorption (Tens rel.%)

Increase contemporary dielectric permeability (ε) - up to 15-25 rel. and destructive power


The cost of the additives to polystyrene fullerenes is insignificant and is not more than $ 0.3-0.6 for kg. of polystyrene.

The production technology polystyrene standard remains almost unchanging.

Similar versions can also be made for mild forms of polystyrene, for example polystyrene.



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